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Bill Hicks was by far the definitive comedian, but also so much more than that. People who were fortunate enough to know him personally during his short life often use the term “kindred spirit” when referring to Bill Hicks and their experience of knowing him. This is a quality that appears to translate into his comedy, which for so many people the world over not only provided the opportunity to look at life from a humorous perspective, but also provided a voice of solidarity in what often feels like a wilderness.
This voice offers for so many an echo of individual experience, a comfortable place to rest and an assurance that we are not alone in our feelings and observations. Providing a normalisation of experience for people was something that was important to Bill, and arguably, he more than succeeded in doing just that.
Bill Hicks Forever is a not for profit site created by a Bill Hicks fan for Bill Hicks fans everywhere.  It is a place for fans to meet to celebrate the life of a man who was not only a great comedian, but also a great life philosopher, social critic and political observer.
Bill felt passionately about many issues, and more importantly, about people thinking, deliberating and expressing for themselves what they see to be important. In the spirit of freedom of expression, a principle that always underpinned Bill’s philosophy, it is also a place to further the conversation that Bill created before starting the next leg of his cosmic travels off planet.  As depicted in much of the site’s artwork, echoing the sentiments of people who were close to Bill and fans alike, Bill Hicks Forever likes to think of Bill carrying on his work elsewhere in some other cosmic plane, continuing to communicate “the message” he saw to be so important.


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Posted by Bill Hicks Forever on Monday, November 7, 2016

SpeciaHigh res versionel thanks to Bill’s brother Steve Hicks, for his invaluable advice and support in helping to make Bill Hicks Forever a reality. Thank you also to Lynn Raridon, David Johndrow, Chris Olley, Chris Saunders and Rykopress and their contribution to and support in the development of Bill Hicks Forever.
So welcome Hicks fans and newcomers everywhere! Feel free also to message us and have your say on what you want to see the site used for, and how you would like to see it shape up.
Whatever you decide to use the website for, just make sure you enjoy the ride…


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