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A Brit on the Side: Why American Comic Bill Hicks Felt Most at Home in the UK
Anniversary of the Death of Bill Hicks (UK House of Parliament, 2004)
Another Dead Hero (Andy Langer/The Austin Chronicle)
Bassnectar Inspires Red Rock Crowd With Message from the Late Bill Hicks (EDM Sauce)
Bill Hicks: Chomsky with dick Jokes (The Ironic Man)
Bill Hicks Debunks 4 Government Lies Like No-one Else Can (Truth Theory/Luke Miller)
Bill Hicks – Family Ties: The Full Interview with Mary and Steve Hicks (FPH/Will Guess)
Bill Hicks on Freedom of Speech (Letters of Note)
Bill Hicks On The War On Drugs And The Reality Of Getting High (True Activist)
Bill Hicks ‘Relentless’ To See Theatrical Release, Entire Comedy Catalog (Inquisitr
Bill Hicks is Dead
Bill Hicks: Late ’80s comedian had Valdosta roots (The Valdosta Daily Times/Dean Poling)Bill Hicks on David Letterman
Bill Hicks’ Special Relentless Will Be Shown In Theaters By Fathom Events and Comedy Dynamics (Comedy – Jonathon Chen)
Bill Hicks, David Letterman and Me – John Lahr piece on Letterman incident
Bill Hicks, Revived on Video to Jar Viewers Out of Apathy
Bill Hicks, The Black Humoured Articulator of Doubt – (Salon)
Bill Hicks: His Short and Sensational Life (The Guardian)
BILL HICKS: 20 YEARS GONE (Patton Oswalt)
Bill Hicks: Courage against the Void (Dave Patten/Dissident Voice)
Bill Hicks: The Goat Boy Rises by John Lahr (The Depository)
Bill Hicks: The most outspoken and necessary stand-up of modern times (The Telegraph)
Bill Hicks: The View from Within
Bill Hicks: what is his legacy? (The Guardian)
Bill Hicks: Why the fuss, exactly?
Bill Hicks’ Principles of Comedy – (Nerdist)
Bill Hicks’ RELENTLESS Hits the Big Screen Monday in Fathom Event (Nerdist)
Bill Hicks: 25 years on from the cult comedians big break
Brendon Burns on Bill Hicks: ‘I felt he was speaking directly to me’ (The Guardian)
Can it Really be 20 Years Since Bill HIcks Died? (
‘Comedy Dynamics Presents Bill Hicks’: Film Review (The Hollywood Reporter)
Five things all men can learn from Bill Hicks (The Telegraph)
Happy Belated 50th Posthumous Birthday Bill Hicks – (Browbeat)
Happy Birthday, Bill Hicks: Why We Can Still Learn From, And Laugh At, The Great Critic and Comedian – (Alternet)
Interesting Motherfuckers (Acid Logic)
Interview: Steve Hicks (Unshredded)
Marc Maron Opens Up About Friend and Comedian Bill Hicks (Esquire)
Massive Bill Hicks reissue project planned for April (Chron)
My Correspondence with Bill Hicks (The New Yorker)
My Friend Willie Hicks (Fallon Woodland)
Obituary: Bill Hicks (The Independent)
Post-Sachsgate, standups should channel Bill Hicks (Bruce Dessau/The Guardian)
Previously Unreleased Bill Hicks Album to Accompany Reissued Catalog (Rollingstone)
Q Article about Bill Hicks (
Review: Bill Hicks – The Essential Collection (Huffington Post)
The Comedic Agitator (Houston Chronicle)
The Goat Boy Rises (Original John Lahr 1993 article – The New Yorker)
The Hicks-Chomsky Similarity Theory (Ironic Man)
The Silence of Bill Hicks (The Konformist)
This Bill Hicks Letter From 1993 Is Unbearably Sad (Splitsider)
Today Would Have Been Bill Hicks’s54th Birthday
To his fans, Bill Hicks was a prophet. But surely a comedian just needs to be funny? (Sam Leith/The Guardian)
Under the influence: standups remember Bill Hicks (Marcus Brigstock/The Guardian)
What is Bill Hicks Legacy – Readers’ responses (The Guardian)
Why Bill Hicks Still Matters (Robin Ince/

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