A Message for Bill

A Message for Bill

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  1. Thank you for all you left behind.
    My bible and a whole lot better than the ones the Gideons leave around.
    Your thoughts and words shaped me and are with me every day.
    See you on the other side with Jimi.

  2. There are no words to describe how much of an inspiration you are to me Bill. Your voice is with me every day, and always will be. Love you Dark Poet. xx

  3. Special thanks to William Melvin Hicks for changing the way I think about many things in life. And also for being very fucking funny while doing it.

    Here’s Tom with the weather.

  4. When I was heartbroken and alone and penniless…and living with my parents again… (bless their dear souls)…

    you were the only one who was there, had my back, and understood.


  5. Thanks for everything Bill. You spoke nothing but the truth and I am forever grateful for that.

  6. You changed my mind about what comedy is and what it can do forever. Thank you Bill. You were cheated but you followed your heart and left one hell of a legacy. Thank you.

  7. Bill, thank you for your insight and your work. You have planted seeds in many. Greatly appreciate my brother. Enjoy your ride…

  8. Thank you Bill for making me laugh when all I want to do is scream and cry because of this God forsaken world.

    Thank you for being a beacon of light for future generations. I am sixteen years old, female from northern England. And I will carry on your tribute to truth.

    I will remind people that you were alive and you had a voice that needed to be heard from the heavens. Good ol’ smoke filled heaven.

    You are with us, always.

  9. Fuck I’d love to know what he thinks of the state of things today… I ask myself this question regularly!

    You gave something to our souls that has helped to bring the universe closer to Mother Father GOD. The bravery you demonstrated through your journey of experiences we call life, has become like a lighthouse beacon guiding the isolated and fearful traveller toward the saftey of solid ground! The funniest motherfucker who has been. I pray you and i meet in the place where Love, Laughter and Truth Abides. Forever LOVE XXXXXXXXX S.E.G 2/7/79 — X

  11. The value my life would be lacking without the tremendous impact you made on me, would entirely change who I am. Thank you so much for showing me a seldom traveled path that leads to a place where the cows and sheep fear to tread. Your shooting star lit a fire in me that will remain eternally.

  12. Thanks for the laughs and intellectual stimulation. I wish I could have known you.

  13. Imagine if we lived our lives through the words of Bill n The Beatles..
    What a beautiful place this could be ,,

  14. Dear Uncle Bill,

    Your posthumous impact on my young and impressionable mind was felt like the influence of a much loved and misunderstood relative. The one that all of the family knows has wisdom but no one takes seriously because accepting your direction would make their whole life an inconvenient lie. I listened to you and let your wisdom guide me. It’s been a hell of a ride so far. You’re always there.

  15. Thank you for setting a line , a marker in the sand thank you for being someone I could stand behind and believe in , your words and thoughts Rocked this world !

  16. If looking to sum up Bill for anyone not familiar with his body of work I enjoy ‘If you’re smoking through a hole in your neck I’d think about quitting’ as it’s quick & representative of Bills eye for dark & funny at the same time & it always makes me laugh…D

  17. Seeing Bill in Melbourne 1993 was an epiphany for me and kicked off a lifelong devotion to his work. We miss him very much and wish he had been around to dissect the carnage of the the past 30 years in his own inimitable way. “I don’t want a plumb. I wanna be freeze dried and mailed home!”

  18. I think of you most days bud, and I’m so grateful for your philosophy and truth. Your truth is still so important, and we are lucky we can hear it. I miss you. Sending love out to you wherever you are.

  19. I was so fortunate to see Bill in Liverpool, UK. His wit and wisdom are with me always x

  20. Eugene Bessette

    You’re truly Missed.

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