Bill Hicks:  Revelations (2016)UUUUUUUUUUU
Bill’s pivotal performance, Revelations, filmed at the Dominion Theatre in London in 1992. Accompanied by the documentary It’s Just a Ride, which includes interviews with relatives, friends, admirers, and acquaintances reflecting on Bill’s life and career (running time: 98 minutes).







61dyCMN+G2L._SL1194_Bill Hicks:  The Complete Collection (2015)
The most comprehensive collection of Bill Hicks’ work to date, which spans all of his commercially released albums and special performances into one box set.  The result is 12 audio CDs, 6 DVDs and a photo book containing both professional and personal photographs of the man himself, many of which have never been released before, sure to delight any Bill Hicks fan who purchases it.
In addition, this collection also provides over 10 hours worth of previously unreleased material.  This collection also includes a bonus in the form of a documentary entitled Reflections’which includes a touching interview with Bill’s brother Steve Hicks, who recalls aspects of his career and life journey.


12 CDs:
Rant in E Minor, Arizona Bay, Dangerous, Relentless, Salvation, 12/16/61, Love, Laughter and Truth, Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1, Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 2, Early Bill Hicks (previously unreleased), Queen’s Theatre Early Show (previously unreleased), Queen’s Theatre Late Show (previously unreleased)
6 DVDs:
Live at Comix Annex Houston ’81, Live at Comix Annex Houston ’84, Live in Inianapolis ’85, Live at Comix Annex Houston ’86 show 1, Live at Comix Annex Houston ’86 show 2, The Early Years TV Interview, The Outlaw Comics, The Outlaw Comics Interview, Sane Man, Live at Funny Firm Chicago ’89 (previously unreleased), Live at Loonees Colarado Springs ’90 (previously unreleased), Live at Igby’s Los Angeles ’90 (previously unreleased), Relentless, Reflectiions, One Night Stand, Ninja Bachelor Party, Live at Zanies Nashville ’91 (previously unreleased), Live at Punch Line San Francisco ’91 (previously unreleased), Totally Bill Hicks, Live at the Laff Stop Austin, November ’91, Live at the Laff Stop Austin, December ’92, Live at the Laff Stop Austin, June ’93, Live at the Laff Stop Austin, October ’93, Live at Igby’s Los Angeles ’93 (previously unreleased)


American:  The Bill Hicks Story (2010)
‘American:  The Bill Hicks Story is an autobiographical film which tells the story of Bill Hick’s life and career.  Produced by Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas, the film incorporates never before seen animation techniques to bring photographic material of Bill to life, and includes interviews with family and friends of Bill (running time 102 minutes).






Relentless (2006)
Recorded at the Centaur Theatre as part of the Just for Laughs comedy festival in Canada, Relentless is widely considered one of Bill Hicks’ most enigmatic recorded performances, and covers topics such as pornogrpahy, war, gun violence and sexual equality – the “little dark poet” at his best (running time 61 minutes).






Sane Man (2005)
Filmed in Austin, Texas in 1989, Sane Man constitutes Hicks’ first full recorded performance.  Arguably, this recording captures clear evidence of a highly talented stand up comic transitioning to the realms of excellence and covers topics such as politics, consumerism and the commercialisation of music.  A must see (running time 84 minutes).






download (4)One Night Stand (2002)
Recorded as an HBO live special, One Night Stand is a recorded live performance.  Arguably toned down to suit a more commercial audience, but nevertheless still truly inspiring, Hicks’ material includes topics such as drugs and alcohol, subliminal advertising, gun violence and rock and roll, and an early rendition of his now famous It’s just a Ride monologue  (running time 30 minutes).






41T2Y0RMW0L (1)
Totally Bill Hicks (1994)
Released in 1994, Totally Bill Hicks, consists of a documentary entitled It’s Just a Ride, which documents the life and work of Hicks and includes interviews with friends, admirers and acquaintances of the man himself.
The second part of this video consists of Hicks’ pivotal UK based performance Revelations, filmed at the Dominion Theatre in London in November 1992, widely regarded as Hicks’ breakthrough performance to an ever-increasing British fan base (running time 116 minutes).







 51Y1WTqbkLL._AC_US160_Rant in E-Minor (2016)
The revamped, extended version of Hicks’ original seminal Rant in E-Minor album, with some extra, never before heard material added.  Based on a performance in October 1993 in Austin, Texas, just a mere four months before he succumbed to pancreatic cancer, the revised version of Rant in E-Minor is Hicks at his rawest and best, bar the musical interludes of the original version (running time .




Arizona Bay
Arizona Bay Extended (2015)
Released by ‘Comedy Dynamics, this is an extended version of Hicks’ original 1997 Arizona Bay album, without the musical interludes of the original album.  A welcome re-visit to the Hicks’ utopian vision of a post-apocalyptic Los  Angeles, restored to its full glory.




12/16/61 (2015)
Released in April 2015 by Comedy Dynamics, this short collection offers a rare glimpse of Hicks’ early comedy style.  His hilarious Mick Jagger impersonation alone makes it a worthwhile listen.  Playlist:  Ladies and Gentlemen, Cats or Dogs, Punks, Mick and Keef, Deep Thoughts (running time 15:13 minutes)




The Essential Collection (2010)
A 4 disc set comprising of 2 CDs and 2 DVDs, featuring over five hours of performances, including rare footage of Hicks from the early 80’s, interviews with the man himself, the epic Ninja Bachelor Party, and a DVD photo-book.  The CDs comprise of over two hours worth of Hicks’ best stand-up performances, including some that have never before been released.  An extra bonus to this collection is the inclusion of many of Hicks’ songs and musical compositions.




Salvation (2005)
Recorded in November 1992 at the Oxford Playhouse, England, this 2 CD set comprises of an unedited recording of Hicks’ almost 2 hour long set during a stage of his career when the UK were beginning to take Hicks to their heart.  The natural rapport that was emerging between Hicks and British audiences is clear, and hearing him at the top of his game at this time makes for good listening (running time  1 hour 54 minutes).



 download (6)Shock and Awe (2003)
Effectively an abridged version of the album Salvation, Shock and Awe provides a more concise version of Hicks’ live performance at the Oxford Playhouse, England in November 1992 (running time 64:42 minutes).




Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1 (2002)
The sparks fly between an at times less than receptive audience in this recording of a show in Pittsburgh in 1991 – arguably, Hicks at his best.  This album is one of the first in a series of posthumously released works from Bill’s archive of gems (running time 75:18 minutes).




Love, Laughter and Truth (2002)
Love, Laughter and Truth is composed of a collection of  performances in Denver, San Ramon, Palm Beach, San Francisco and Pittsburgh from 1990-93.  Some variations in sound quality at various parts of this album do not detract however from the quality of a master comic at his best, rendering it a must listen (running time 43:56 minutes).




download (7)
Philosophy:  The Best of Bill Hicks (2001)
Philosophy is a complication of some of Hicks’ best routines, posthumously released four years after his death.  The playlist includes some of his most memorable routines such as “Gays in the Military”, You’re Children Aren’t Special”, “Odd Beliefs” and “The Sanctity of Life”.  Another must have of the Hicks archive (running time 71:13 minutes).




 51ISkjaMX4LArizona Bay (1997)
Once termed by Hicks himself as “a comedic Dark Side of the Moon”, Arizona Bay is a collection of Hicks’ routines set to music, and based on the fantasy premise of the world that is left behind after LA “falls into the ocean due to a major earthquake”. Released on February 25th 1997 to mark the third anniversary of Hicks’ death, alongside Rant in E Minor, Arizona Bay is arguably a comedy album ahead of its time and constitutes a major landmark of the Bill Hicks discography (running time 65:56).




Rant in E Minodownload (8)r (1997)
The collection of performances on Rant in E Minor were recorded around three months prior to Hicks’ death, making for not only another classic and hilarious album, but also a poignant one.   Released on February 25th 1997 to mark the third anniversary of Hicks’ death, alongisde Arizona Bay, Hicks intended for Rant in E Minor to further upon the premise and conversation outlined within Arizona Bay.  Another classic of the Hicks archive (running time 73:54 minutes).




Relentless (1992)
Widely regarded as one of Hicks’ most seminal works, Relentless constitutes his second recorded album, but also the final album recorded and released before his death in 1994.  Recorded as a result of his performance at the annual Just for Laughs festival, arguably, it marks a rite of passage in the career of a comedian widely regarded to be one of the best of all time (running time 57:41 minute).




download (10)Dangerous (1990)
Recorded over two nights at Caroline’s comedy club in New York, Dangerous is Hicks’ debut comedy album. Playlist:  Modern Bummer”, “Smoking”, “The War on Drugs”, “Smoking”,”I Love my Job”, “Please do not Disturb”, “Flying Saucer Tour””, We Live in a World”, “Burning Issues”, “My Parents”, “The Vision” (running time 54:21 minutes).






download (11)Love All The People ; Bill Hicks (2005)
Love All the People is a poignant collection of Hicks’ stand-up routines, journals, notebook entries, letters and other writings.  Arguably, it provides a somewhat intimate glimpse of the man behind the comedy, and reflects his value not only as a stand up comedian but a social critic and philosopher.  It also provides a sense of his life journey, including some of he final written reflections he composed in the last few weeks of his life.  A must read, regardless of whether you are a Bill Hicks fan or not.






Bill-Related Products



downloadOne Consciousness – Bill Hicks:  Paul Outhwaite (2012)
A very interesting autobiography of Bill, encompassing his life journey from birth to his untimely passing.






American Scream:  Cynthia True  (2008)
An un-authorised autobiography of Bill Hicks, telling the story of Hicks’ life and career, adding to the many perspectives on this complex and talented man.






What Would Bill Hicks Say? :  Ben Mack & Kristin Pulkinnen (2007)
Bill Hicks has widely been regarded as being almost prophetic in his opinions, particularly in relation to the political issues he reflected on.  This book explores what Hicks would have thought about various political and social issues, as posited by a number of contributors including comedians, musicians and writers.






download (12)
Agent of Evolution ; Kevin Booth & Micheal Bertin (2006)
Co-written by Kevin Booth, one of Hicks’ closest life-long friends and collaborators, Agent of Evolution tells the story of Hicks career and life, drawing on multiple perspectives.  It includes various chapters, authored by various friends of Hicks, and provides an intimate but also multi-faceted account of the complex man that lay behind the public persona.








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