Launch of Bill Hicks Forever

October 8th 2016


Bill Hicks Forever Goes LiveThe Light of Reasonnew owl7pdn
Almost 18 months into its initial development, Bill Hicks Forever has at last gone live.  From its humble beginnings as a mere idea within the fertile imagination of a relentless UK based Hicks fan, here at Bill Hicks Forever, we celebrate the life and work of a man widely regarded as one of the most prolific stand up comics, social commentators and satirists of his time.
As well as celebrating Bill’ s work and memory, the aim of Bill Hicks Forever is to provide a meeting space for Hicks-influenced hearts and minds, a source of information about Bill and his work for established Hicks fans and newcomers alike and a space to reflect upon the ideas that the great man himself urged us to evolve. As an online resource, it also has the added advantage of being the ideal meeting place for dedicated members of the “people who hate people” party”…
Any ideas, thoughts and suggestions about how the site can best be used are more than welcome – just send us a message on the ‘Contact Us’ page.
Welcome everyone!


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